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The National Next Gen Community of Practice provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and exchange among next gen practitioners across the country.

We'd love to hear from you! Please submit any best practices or exciting updates your Partnership would like to share with the Community of Practice. 


News & Updates

News from Texas...

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has released Case Studies focused on five Next Generation Sector Partnerships:

  • Rio Grande Valley, Texas: Health Care and IT Partnerships
  • West Central Texas: Manufacturing Partnership 
  • Northeast Louisiana: Health Care Partnership
  • Lane County, Oregon: Technology Partnership 
  • East Bay, California: Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics Partnerships

Altogether, they demonstrate the variety of successes that can be achieved as regions implement and advance their Next Generation Sector Partnership. 

News from Wyoming...

The State of Wyoming has begun its Next Gen journey!  Beginning in March 2018, nine regions assembled teams of workforce development, economic development, education, and business leaders to attend the State's first-ever Next Gen Sector Partnership Academy.  Each team analyzed their region's industry job data and chose a first sector for launching a Next Gen partnership.  The State's economic development agency sponsored the filming of the proceedings, which culminated in an endorsement from the Governor.  Each region is committed to launching a Next Gen Sector Partnership by the end of 2018.  Check out more of the Wyoming Business Council's videos, including a related speech from the Governor and a full Sector Partnership Industry Champion session.