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about THe National NExt Gen Sector Partnership Community Of practice

The National Next Gen Community of Practice provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and exchange among next gen practitioners across the country.

The Community of Practice includes webinars featuring national experts and opportunities for peer exchange, tips and resources delivered to your inbox monthly, and other networking opportunities with sector partnership leaders across the country, including an annual Next Gen Sector Partnership Academy.

At the first national Next Gen Sector Partnership Academy in Phoenix, over 250 practitioners from a dozen states across the country gathered to learn the practical tips and strategies behind next generation sector partnerships and to exchange with peers convening the country's leading sector partnerships. Start building your team now for the 2019 Academy--dates and locations to be announced soon. Keep the conversation going. We hope you will join us and subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates on upcoming events. 


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Next Gen Office Hours. This is your opportunity to bring your question or challenge to the attention of the Next Gen staff, and get troubleshooting advice that you can use immediately.  We know that as you move forward with your Next Gen partnership-building, issues arise and getting timely feedback and practical advice can make all the difference.

September 28th at 1pm PST/4pm EST, Join John Melville

Oct 29th at 11am PST/2:00pm EST, Join Lindsey Woolsey

November 15th 10amPST/1pm EST, Join Emily Templin-Lesh

December 18th 11am PST/2:00pm EST, Join Francie Genz

Call in at (669) 900 - 6833  Meeting ID: 551 216 428

Please RSVP Here

Affinity Group Discussions. Are you interested in joining conversations with practitioners apart of partnerships similar to yours? We are working to schedule small affinity group discussions for health care and manufacturing partnerships to share around hot industry topics, what works well, and problem solve around common issues. We are also scheduling an affinity group conversation for experienced practitioners to engage with one another around topics of sustainability and maintaining momentum. These conversations are by invitation only. Please email for an invitation for an affinity group discussion or to suggest a topic. 

Join John Melville and other Manufacturing partnership conveners to discuss:

  • What has worked best to recruit and retain manufacturing business champions?

  • What priorities have champions chosen and how are they implementing them?

  • What pitfalls have you experienced--and how have you worked around them?

October 19, 11:30pm PST
US: +1 646 876 9923  or +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 551 216 428
Please RSVP for the Manufacturing Peer Call

Do you have manufacturing or health business leaders that would like to join a business-to-business peer call? Email to learn more about upcoming business-only networking calls. 

Previous Community of practice webinars

A Discussion with Business Leaders. Business leaders from diverse regional economies across the nation who are leading Next Gen Sector Partnerships discuss why they participate, what keeps them involved, and how their partnerships have become a magnet for business participation. 

View webinar recording here.

The What, Why, and How of Next Gen Sector Partnerships. An introduction to the nuts and bolts of the next gen model, how it's different from traditional employer engagement approaches, and how to successfully launch a sector partnership.

Find a recording of the webinar here.

So How Do I Get Started? This webinar covers proven steps and practical advice for moving forward with a Next Gen Sector Partnership. This webinar is designed for teams who are beginning to plan to launch a sector partnership.

Find webinar slides here.

The After Party: What to Do After You've Launched a Next Gen Sector Partnership. Hear from experienced practitioners, share your experiences, get your questions answered, and learn about tools that you can use to navigate the critical transition from launch to action.

Download webinar slides here and find a recording of the webinar here.

Scaling at the State-Level: How States have Successfully Scaled Next Gen Sector Partnerships. Aligned state leaders play a critical role in establishing a vision, building momentum and supporting a network of partnerships across a state. This webinar is an opportunity to engage with and learn from the nation's top state leaders who have successfully scaled sector partnerships.

Download webinar slides here and find a recording of the webinar here


Toolkit tips

New toolkit tips are released regularly via our newsletter. Please subscribe today to get the latest tips! Prior tips are found below. 

Getting Relevant Information to the Frontlines. Active sector partnerships are an excellent source of real-time information on pressing industry needs and opportunities. How do you ensure that information is shared throughout your organization and, ultimately, having a positive impact on jobseekers and students? What does it take to translate industry insights into real changes and program improvements across your organization? Module three provides great tips and simple exercises around developing internal communication strategies. Visit for ideas on how your partnership can help best serve students and jobseekers on the frontlines.

What comes after the Launch? You've launched. Now what? Take a look at the Next Gen Toolkit for tips on building industry-led action teams to advance priorities, and pulling in the right public partners to support. You can find tips for action team-building as well as a step-by-step process of forming Action Teams by visiting the toolkit at

Defining the Scope of Your Sector Partnership. What's the ideal scope of a sector partnership? How big is too big? And how small is too small? Click here for tips on getting the scope just right. And visit the Next Gen Toolkit for more details on how to define the industry and get the geography right as you plan to launch a new sector partnership.

What are Next Gen Sector Partnerships anyway? Are your colleagues wondering what sector partnerships are all about? Why should you include economic developers or education partners as part of your team? Are you getting stuck asking business leaders to participate? Find the top five myths about engaging business leaders and answers to all of those frequently asked questions in Module 1 of the Training Manual. You can find the direct link here.