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The National Next Gen Community of Practice provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and exchange among next gen practitioners across the country.

We'd love to hear from you! Please submit any best practices or exciting updates your Partnership would like to share with the Community of Practice. 


News & Updates

News from Pennsylvania

In just under a year the Central Pennsylvania Manufacturing Partnership has realized many quick wins (such as this video) and has big plans to carry the momentum forward in 2019! Strong, action-orientated and timely communications are a big part of their success. Here are a few examples they've shared with the  Community of Practice: 

Welcome Letter. In an effort to better welcome new partnership participants, the business champion worked with his assistant to draft this welcome letter for their recent partnership meeting. Each new business participant received a 1:1 welcome letter from the business champions.  The personal touch went a long way in recruiting and bringing new businesses on board in a simple, clear, and warm way.

Day of Meeting Follow Up. Have you ever wondered how to best follow up after partnership meetings quickly? Check out this email sent by partnership staff the day of the meeting to keep the partnership top of mind and maintain momentum as participants head back to their daily work routines.  Aside from giving participants a better understanding of when they can expect meetings notes and additional follow up, it includes information from the meeting and a simple call to action to share the career awareness video. Sharing the video is a great way to keep participants engaged through a quick, yet productive, action. 

News from Nebraska…

Great things are happening in The Good Life! The middle of everywhere, Nebraska is also home to 5 emerging and active Healthcare and Manufacturing Next Generation Sector Partnerships. These partnerships are focused on: workforce, industry marketing, transportation, consumer engagement and behavioral health. Check out the recent Nebraska Next Gen Sector Partnerships Newsletter to learn more.

Also, be sure to check out this 2.5 minute video to learn why three healthcare executives chose to champion the Southeast Nebraska Healthcare Partnership.

News from Pennsylvania…

Is your partnership working on business recruitment?

This video was produced by the Berks County PA Advanced Manufacturing Partnership and features their industry champions describing why they have adopted the Next Gen model and inviting other business leaders in the region to join them in taking action.

News from Texas...

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has released Case Studies focused on 5 Next Generation Sector Partnerships:

  • Rio Grande Valley, Texas: Health Care and IT Partnerships

  • West Central Texas: Manufacturing Partnership

  • Northeast Louisiana: Health Care Partnership

  • Lane County, Oregon: Technology Partnership

  • East Bay, California: Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics Partnerships

Altogether, they demonstrate the variety of successes that can be achieved as regions implement and advance their Next Generation Sector Partnership. 

News from Wyoming...

The State of Wyoming has begun its Next Gen journey!  Beginning in March 2018, 9 regions assembled teams of workforce development, economic development, education, and business leaders to attend the State's first-ever Next Gen Sector Partnership Academy. 

Each team analyzed their region's industry job data and chose a first sector for launching a Next Gen partnership.  The State's economic development agency sponsored the filming of the proceedings, which culminated in an endorsement from the Governor.  Each region is committed to launching a Next Gen Sector Partnership by the end of 2018.  Check out more of the Wyoming Business Council's videos, including a related speech from the Governor and a full Sector Partnership Industry Champion session.


News from Oregon…

The Southwestern Oregon Healthcare Industry Partnership recently held a Healthcare Workforce Summit. The agenda included panels discussing future trends and nursing shortages, accompanied by sessions focused on recruitment and growing your own talent. View the summit agenda.

In addition to the summit, the National Healthcare Association has written a case study discussing Southwestern Oregon Workforce Investment Board's successful Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program. Review the Case Study.

News from California…

The California Workforce Association held a podcast spotlighting the distinct difference between traditional sector strategies and Next Gen Sector Partnerships in November. Listen to learn more, and click here to find more of the CWA podcasts.  

News from oregon…

This video was produced by the Lane Workforce Partnership to showcase the region's work with sector strategies.