Next Generation Sector Partnership Community of Practice

For Business Leaders

What are Next Gen Sector Partnerships?


They bring business leaders together to tackle common issues that impact the competitiveness of their industry.

Next Gen Sector Partnerships bring together C-Suite business leaders from a single industry in the same region to collaborate in making their industry more competitive. They tackle a range of issues including improving the workforce pipeline, aligning training with industry needs, improving infrastructure, addressing regulatory barriers or facilitating business-to-business networking. The agenda is defined by business leaders, addressing the specific issues that matter most to their industry in their region. Next Gen Partnerships focus on issues that no single company can fully tackle on its own and that require a collaborative approach. Click here for examples.


They provide an efficient and effective way for business leaders to work with public partners.

Next Gen Sector Partnerships are business-led but community supported. A coordinated team of public partners—K-12 educators, community colleges, workforce development boards, economic development organizations and others—work together to jointly respond to industry needs. Rather than navigating a complex array of government programs and boards to determine what help is out there, Next Gen Partnerships allow business leaders to access the array of public programs and services at a single, shared table.


They’re about doing, not just talking.

In Next Gen Sector Partnerships, business leaders define and champion the agenda for action. Unlike traditional advisory boards or industry forums where public partners are responsible for action and follow through, business leaders take the reins, ensuring that there are clearly defined objectives with accountability baked in.


They’re active across the country.

Over seventy-five Next Gen Sector Partnerships are active across the country in over fifteen states. They’re operating in a range of industries including manufacturing, health care, IT, construction, food and agriculture, transportation and logistics and others. Read more about what these partnerships are up to and sign up for the national Community of Practice to get involved.