Next Generation Sector Partnership Community of Practice

Next Gen Partnership Indicators

Is Your Partnership Next Gen?

Sector partnerships exist all over the country. But not all are created equal. Next Gen Sector Partnerships follow the specific step-by-step process for launching Next Gen Sector Partnerships found in the Next Gen Toolkit here and meet each of the indicators below.

Operates in a regional labor market region

Next Gen Partnerships are not defined by jurisdictional or geo-political boundaries; they follow the natural economic footprint of the targeted industry.

Led by, and continually attracts influential, engaged private sector leaders

Business leaders set the agenda, define objectives, and drive action teams. Next Gen Partnerships are not partnerships with industry, they are partnerships by industry. Business leaders outnumber public partners at partnership meetings. 

Focus on industry-identified solutions with economic impact

Next Gen Sector Partnerships tackle the shared competitiveness needs of businesses in a targeted sector, including, but not limited to, workforce development needs. The agenda is defined entirely by business leaders and focused on addressing what matters most to them: ensuring the industry has what it needs to grow and thrive.

Is supported by a coordinated team of public partners

Next Gen Sector Partnerships are supported jointly by a regional team of public partners who work together to respond to industry priorities and contribute to the overall success of the partnership. This team draws from multiple organizations such as the region's K-12, post-secondary education, workforce development, economic development, and chambers of commerce. 

Operates under a shared, up-to-date action plan

Next Gen Sector Partnerships operate under a shared, up-to-date action plan that was developed, continues to be improved, and is directly implemented by business leaders. The partnership can demonstrate action on priorities that promote industry growth and competitiveness. 

Organized for the long haul

Next Gen Sector Partnerships sustain over time, as long as the target industry is a viable contributor to the regional economy and job market; the partnership does not depend on grant funding or political will to keep it active.

Meaningful and measurable results

Partnership achieves meaningful and measurable outcomes for businesses, the economy, public programs, and jobseekers.