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Over seventy-five Next Gen Sector Partnerships exist across the country. A dozen states have embraced the Next Gen approach as a means of building sustained and authentic partnerships with business and industry. Here is what these partnerships are achieving:

The Northeast Louisiana Healthcare Partnership has engaged nearly forty healthcare organizations (large hospitals and small rural clinics) in building a real career pathway system that improves advancement from CNA to LPN, including new certificate add-ons along the way. This partnership is also developing process and legal agreements for an acute care network that allows large hospitals to use under-utilized bed space and skilled nursing staff in rural hospitals.

The Kingman and Mohave Manufacturers Association in Arizona created a freight sharing program that allowed for regional manufacturers to coordinate shipments, saving on transportation costs. Member manufacturers also helped create a shared training space in a member company's facility, co-funded a mobile training unit for upskilling existing workers in rural manufacturing facilities, and significantly expanded existing manufacturing-related apprenticeships.

The Seattle-King County Healthcare Industry Leadership Table (HILT) launched in May 2018, spearheaded by a diverse group of leaders from two major hospitals, public health, a community clinic, a cancer research institute and a long term care facility. Why so diverse? Because until the HILT’s launch, no forum existed for the healthcare/medical provider community to network and press forward on shared issues beyond their own sub-sector associations. The HILT is a rallying point for providers who share an interest in equity and diversity in staffing; it’s a forum for shared advocacy on affordable workforce housing; and it’s fast becoming the go-to table for the otherwise parallel and isolated efforts initiated by the region’s many education, training and community based organizations intended to support the healthcare industry.

 The Calumet Manufacturing Industry Sector Partnership is strengthening the foundation of the manufacturing economy in Chicago’s Southland. The Partnership’s networking activities have resulted in new business and supply chain connections for manufacturers. At the same time, the partnership is actively involved in preparing the region’s future workforce. Several high school districts have made changes to existing curriculum or adopted new curriculum to better prepare students with the work-ready skills manufactures need. Learn more about the partnership on their website  

Launched in 2015, the Lane County Tech Collaborative has become one the most successful Next Gen information technology industry partnerships in the country.  The Collaborative has been able organize effectively to improve local air service as well as broadband internet capacity, as well as work with the University of Oregon’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences to identify needed skills and make curriculum improvements (including a much stronger coding element). The Collaborative has also expanded paid industry internships for students and 16 local school districts have agreed to use the Collaborative as a shared advisory board. Currently, the Collaborative is helping to pilot the first IT registered apprenticeship program in the State.

The Central Pennsylvania Manufacturing Partnership regularly convenes over 30 manufacturers from across a nine-county region. The partnership’s role in facilitating sharing and learning across manufacturers has resulted in many firms adopting new technology. The partnership is also working to develop the future talent pipeline and changing the way schools, businesses, and workforce development programs work together across the region. For example, the partnership provided leadership in launching, an innovative tool for matching businesses, students, and educators across the region. Manufacturers also worked through the partnership to create this video to increase awareness about career opportunities in the industry. It is now being shared in schools and workforce centers across the region.

The Cumberland Health Care Sector Partnership is a collaboration of health care organizations and public partners working together to improve health outcomes by strengthening the health care sector in Greater Cumberland County, North Carolina. After launching in June 2018, the partnership mobilized health care leaders and education partners to work together to implement the first evidence-based obesity prevention program in every Cumberland County middle school. They have also worked to address the nursing shortage in the region, identifying major bottlenecks and gaps in the talent pipeline and working across K-12, community colleges, and universities to address them. The partnership is also developing an app to connect patients to same-day care in the community, reducing unnecessary emergency department visits and increasing access to care.

The Hawai’i Island Agricultural Partnership is focused on increasing value-added and higher-skill jobs in their sector, including growing the number of certified processing facilities available to producers, creating a community college-based food innovation center, and increasing agricultural mentorship opportunities for new, entrepreneurial farmers.  The Partnership is expanding internships for agricultural careers with local schools, as well as developing a “Made on Hawai’i Island” brand and festival to promote local products.

The Inland Empire Transportation and Logistics Partnership in California is developing a shared roadmap of careers in their industry, with required certifications, skills, and compensation levels, along with providing guidance to participating companies on how to ramp up their internship programs.  The Partnership is also developing a “career advancement fair” model for participating companies to encourage their current workers to seek additional certifications and skills to move up, as well as launching a marketing campaign to promote transportation and logistics careers to both students and career-changing adults.  

The East Texas Manufacturing Alliance is a collaboration of manufacturers in a 12-county region in the Texas Forest Country. The Alliance is mobilizing a diverse group of manufacturers to strengthen and revitalize the region as a hub for manufacturing, focusing on building a stronger talent pipeline starting at the K-12 level, developing new post-secondary education programs in manufacturing, and improving connections among manufacturers to facilitate local sourcing and best practice sharing. Learn more on their website at

The Laramie County WY Construction Sector Partnership spearheaded the launch of a new dual enrollment program in the skilled trades involving local school districts and area’s community college.  Industry champions are actively involved in promoting the program in schools, reviewing curriculum, providing internships, and offering assistance in the classroom.  At the same time, they developed a referral system for high school students to connect directly with interested employers and implemented the first construction industry-specific Job Fair with the local workforce one-stop center.