Next Generation Sector Partnership Community of Practice


Training Manual


The Next Generation Sector Partnership Training Manual is the product of fifteen years of lessons learned from sector partnerships across the United States. It includes step-by-step guidance for regional teams to work together to build successful industry-led sector partnerships.  




These tools are intended to be used in conjunction with the training manual by regional sector support teams as they plan for and implement industry-led sector partnerships. 

MODULE 1: The Step-by-Step Process of Building Industry-Led Sector Partnerships

MODULE 2: Coordinating Business Services and Outreach

MODULE 3: Serving Jobseekers and Students on the Frontline

MODULE 4: Connecting Industry-Led Partnerships to Career Pathway Systems

MODULE 5: Success Metrics of Next Gen Sector Partnerships

MODULE 6: State Roles and Responsibilities for Next Gen Success


This training manual is the product of the past fifteen+ years of lessons learned from the sector strategy field across the United States. The Woolsey Group partnered with Collaborative Economics and Genz Consulting to create this curriculum. Much of the content, materials and tools were developed over a four year period (2012-2016) with the State of Colorado, a flagship for Next Generation industry sector partnerships. Thank you to the Colorado Workforce Development Council and Colorado’s local areas for the support, experimentation and valuable collaboration. In 2016, the State of Oregon provided funding to create a comprehensive training manual, including new tools, new module topics, and their own lessons learned. Oregon, like other states, is also pro-actively building Next Generation industry sector partnerships across its local economies, targeting their most critical industries. Thank you to the Oregon team for your support and funding to make this 2016/17 Training manual possible.


Terms of Use

The Next Gen toolkit is designed to help teams successfully build and sustain industry-led, next generation sector partnerships. Use and sharing of the tools and materials are encouraged, with the expectation that full attribution be given via intact Next Gen name and logo on all materials used and shared. The Next Gen name and title and/or logo is used only for official Next Gen materials and shall not be used on materials created by other entities.

If using Next Gen tools, we ask that you join and contribute to the Next Gen Community of Practice to connect and share with other practitioners across the country involved in next gen sector partnership-building. You can sign up here.