Next Generation Sector Partnership Community of Practice


Training on strategies for building industry-driven, next generation sector partnerships

February 7-8, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona

A national Next Generation Sector Partnership Academy that uses the real experience, on-the-ground knowledge and lessons learned of practitioners in the field to train others on how to build industry-driven Next Generation Sector Partnerships. 


About Next Generation Sector Partnerships

  • Are you still trying to find the sweet spot between stabilizing and growing your local economy, and ensuring that your community members get good jobs? Rest assured, others are too.
  • Have you noticed that the pressure is on? Today, any modern workforce, education and economic development organization is hearing, and trying to respond, to the same call to action: build more, better, stronger partnerships with industry. Do not try to do this on your own.

Next Generation Sector Partnerships directly respond to these inquiries. They marry decades of lessons learned from workforce sector strategies, educational career pathways, and economic cluster partnerships with one outstanding result: sustainable industry partnerships that are a forum for industry growth and vitality, and a vehicle to shape education and workforce development responses so jobseekers get good jobs.

Thanks to generous support from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, and a collaboration of national community college, economic development and workforce development sponsors, you have the opportunity to receive hands-on training from leading practitioners on how to build Next Generation Sector Partnerships. 

Registration opens November 11th! Please stay tuned and sign up to receive news and information from our newsletter. 

Are you a workforce development professional, educator, or economic development practitioner still wondering what a “sector partnership” is? You are not alone.


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