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The Next Generation Sector Partnership work is made possible by our passionate sponsors and partners. Interested in sponsoring the 2019 Next Generation Sector Partnership Academy and/or the Next Gen Community of Practice? Various sponsorship opportunities available.

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The National Next Gen Community of Practice was founded with generous support from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation and the states of Colorado, California and Oregon. These states have supported Next Gen Sector Partnerships across their local areas, invested in ongoing capacity-building efforts, and provided invaluable collaboration in developing the national Next Gen toolkit.  A growing network of Next Gen Community of Practice affiliates across the country have adopted the Next Gen model as the preferred approach to building sustainable, industry-driven regional partnerships. 

FOunding Sponsors of the Next gen community of practice


JPMorgan Chase believes every person deserves a pathway to economic success. They proudly support efforts to increase workforce development opportunities and were a founding sponsor of the 2017 Next Gen Sector Partnership Academy and national Community of Practice.  


The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) spearheaded the adoption of Next Gen Sector Partnerships in Colorado in 2013. CWDC is a Governor-appointed, business-led coalition of industry, state agencies and their local system partners as well as statewide and community-based organizations. CWDC has support local areas in adopting Next Gen Sector Partnerships through technical assistance, training and ongoing peer-to-peer learning. CWDC has also invested in the development of tools and resources to help local teams build Next Gen Sector Partnerships and industry-driven career pathway systems. These and other tools can be accessed at 


The State of California, the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB), and the Slingshot Initiative were pleased to co-sponsor the 2017 national Next Generation Sector Partnership Academy. Slingshot picked up where the Academy left off by supporting the national community of practice network throughout 2017. The CWDB is a strong advocate for industry-driven, community-supported partnerships and has launched an innovative set of initiatives, including Slingshot and the Workforce Accelerator Fund, focused on promoting regional economic prosperity and income mobility. 


The State of Oregon was proud to co-sponsor the 2017 Next Generation Sector Partnership Academy. Oregon has embraced the industry-led, Next Generation Sector Partnership model, investing over $1.6 million in 2 years to support their development at the local and regional levels. Oregon's sector partnerships demonstrate our diverse economy, ranging from an Advanced Manufacturing partnership in southern Oregon, Advanced Textiles in the northwest corner of the state, and Outdoor Products in central Oregon.